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PTA Bingo Night

Don’t forget, the PTA Bingo Night takes place this Thursday – 18/05/’17 We look forward to seeing lots of parents and children there!

Walk to St Margaret’s Field

 The nursery children walked from the school all the way to the field and back again. What great weather we had walking down to practice for our sports day.  We spotted…

Easter Egg Hunt

Nursery had a great time looking for the eggs that the Easter bunny had left in the garden we each had a list to find 3 different eggs. Inside we…

Nursery Fire Fighters

We got a call to say there was a fire in nursery we put on our reflective jackets got the hoses and put out the fire. It was so dark…

Nursery made pancakes 28/2/17

 For pancake day we flipped the pancakes trying not to let them fall on the floor. There were lots of toppings to choose from:strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemon and honey. The honey…

Our mud kitchen

We made ‘chocolate ice chocolate’ with mud,water ,leaves and grass from the garden. We mixed scooped and stirred it altogether. Doesn’t it look tasty? 19/02/17    

Nursery made pizza for snack

The boys and girls wanted pizza for snack. They had to spread the tomato sauce and choose their toppings: red and green peppers  

Flashing lights

We have been looking at the lights on the fire engine and using torches to flash on and off like they do in an emergency and using hoses to put…