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3rd February 2016 Off By Miss Gall


Welcome to Primary One’s blog post where we can keep you updated about all the exciting things that happen in our class.

The children are now very settled into school life and it is scary just how quickly this year has flown.  All of the boys and girls are developing in confidence and becoming much more independent learners, as I am sure you as parents have all noticed.

This year our topics have been, All About Me in term one, Festivals and Celebrations in term two and this term we are looking at Night and Day.

During our All About Me topic the children were able to explore their new classroom environment and learn about rules and routines of the school.  The children also made new friends and enjoyed sharing stories about their families and friends at home and nursery.  The children were able to recognise and appreciate that everyone is different but together we are a team. It has been wonderful to see the children forming these new, and hopefully long lasting, friendships.


Dancing with friends – Lots of fun in the gym.


Working together with new friends to design a healthy lunch box.








Term two was very exciting as the children were preparing for our school Nativity show.  The children all played the part of angels and I am sure everyone who was able to come to watch the final performance will agree that all of the children were outstanding.  Their hard work and perseverance really shone through on the day and made the final show a pleasure for all to see.  I am sure this is a memory the children will talk about for many years to come.


The Christmas Party – A well deserved treat after a busy term.


Making pumpkins in preparation for Halloween.








This term we are learning about Night and Day.  The children are learning about nocturnal animals and exploring many exciting night time stories about these animals.  We are also learning a little about why we have night and day and the children have had the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas about what happens when we are all asleep.  The topic has allowed for lots of lovely art activities to take place and I’m sure you will enjoy these when the children take them home at the end of term.

We are almost at half term and I look forward to preparing the children for the celebration of Easter as we learn about Lent.

I hope you have enjoyed our quick update of the year so far, we look forward to sharing more with you all very soon so keep an eye open for our next exciting post.

Miss Gall and Primary One