Welcome to Primary 7

Welcome to Primary 7

18th February 2016 Off By Miss Gall

Hello and welcome to Primary 7’s blog!
I hope you enjoy looking at our photos and you enjoy reading our blog which will be updated with new photos every few weeks. We hope you enjoy. (Rebecca)

Term 1 was the beginning of Primary 7 for our class. Our first topic/project was ‘Mountains’. We learned a lot about it and we found out Ms Maley’s son, Sean, ran a race on top of the Himalayas and he won the race! We also learned about substance misuse with Mrs Begg on Fridays. It was our mini project. (Ignatious)

In term 2, we did many activities as well as preparing for secondary school. Miss Lament taught us two Gaelic songs to sing for the Christmas concert. Every Friday we ran a mile and we learned about distance and time with Mrs Begg. (Marria)

So far in term 3 we have gone to Satrosphere (Science centre) to learn about how to ask scientific questions to the Primary 1 children during Science Champions. We also went to mass at the St. Mary’s cathedral for a special mass hosted by Bishop Hugh. We all got a candle to hold. On Ash Wednesday we had mass in our school and all the P7s had to go up to the altar and perform a scene from the Gospel. Our class topic has been ‘The Sixties’. (Irene)

This year we have enjoyed doing the mile run with Mrs Begg. We also enjoyed doing all of the topics and pieces of art with all of our teachers. We have also been delighted with having the opportunity to have the Primary 1s as buddies. (Cameron)

We hope you have enjoyed the blog so far. We are looking forward to going to Dalguise in May! We’re looking forward for all of the activities! We’re also looking forward to Science Champions with P1 children. We hope we get award for it! I hope you enjoy our blog. (Joseph)