Welcome to Primary 4/5

Welcome to Primary 4/5

22nd February 2016 Off By Miss Gall


During the first term of Primary 4/5 we were getting to know each other by making portraits of our friends. It was lots of fun. After that we got to play games and introduced ourselves to the new children in the class. The first topic was about the Romans. We learned lots of things and we got to draw the Colosseum and we made ourselves into Roman soldiers! We also made mosaics with paper and we baked Roman Bread. Later on a man named Andrew came to school and did a workshop about building bridges just like the Ancient Romans did. We got to make our own bridges with little blocks.


Our next topic was Light and Sound. We learned that the moon does not have its own light and the sun does. We did investigations about breaking up light and shadows. We went on a trip to Satrosphere to learn more about light and sound. In a workshop we learned that sound vibrates everywhere and that sound travels in waves.


When it was close to Christmas we started to do lots of Arts and Crafts. We made reindeers and decorations for the Christmas tree. Later we even made our very own Christmas Storybooks for the Primary 1 children. They really enjoyed it when we read our stories to them. Just before Christmas we went on a trip to the cinema to see ‘Inside out’. When we returned to school we had out class Christmas party. We had lots of fun. We also took part in a show for the parents in the Church hall. The infants did a nativity called the Hoity Toity Angel. It was absolutely amazing. Our class sang two Christmas songs.


This term our topic is Bread. It was chosen because we enjoyed making the Roman bread and some of the class are preparing for the Sacrament of First Communion. We got to make breads in the school kitchen. We made Herman the Friendship bread. It took 10 days for Herman to be ready to cook! We made bread in a bread maker. It took 4 hours for that bread to cook. Then we made Irish Soda bread by ourselves. One week 16 children got chosen to visit the Cooking bus. It was really exciting. We cooked Beetroot and Cheese parcels and made a salad out of fresh, tasty ingredients. The children who didn’t go on the cooking bus baked sweet treats at school.


Primary 4/5 are very busy every week. We have read some really good novels – James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo and Mr Gum by Andy Stanton. Every Tuesday we go to Saint Margaret’s playing fields and do gym with Ms Aitken. The first term we did a block of tennis. This term we are doing athletics training. We are getting fitter and better at doing gym. We are also really lucky as we go to Northfield Swimming pool each week for swimming lessons. It is really good fun.

by Riya and Rozalia