Monthly Archives: February 2017

Our mud kitchen

We made ‘chocolate ice chocolate’ with mud,water ,leaves and grass from the garden. We mixed scooped and stirred it altogether. Doesn’t it look tasty? 19/02/17    

P7 Coding

Primary 7 have been enjoying learning about coding and games based learning this term in their cooperative learning teams! Last year a few pupils attended Miss Hickey’s coding club. They…

P1/2 love games based learning!

This term we have been learning about our senses. Today we played a Kahoot quiz on the iPads all about senses! 🙂  

Nursery made pizza for snack

The boys and girls wanted pizza for snack. They had to spread the tomato sauce and choose their toppings: red and green peppers  

Flashing lights

We have been looking at the lights on the fire engine and using torches to flash on and off like they do in an emergency and using hoses to put…

Valentine Disco

Valentine Disco Thursday 16 February Holy Family RC Primary Holy Family RC pupils only Early Stages 6.15-7.15 Upper Stages 7.30 – 8.45 £2 entrance which includes drink and crisps or…

Primary 7 Update

Primary 7 have been working hard to give you an update on what has been going on in our class. Thanks to the pupils involved you have done a super…