Monthly Archives: March 2017

Easter Egg-stravaganza!

  Yesterday in P4/5 we decorated eggs. There were some amazing designs, including Tim Peake. Ladybirds, Superman and Humpty Dumpty. The children did a wonderful job, making it very hard…

Making Music – Trombone lessons🎼

P4/5 are really looking forward to playing for our parents and the rest of the school next Friday, we’ve been working so hard and we hope you’ll be impressed!

Personal Research Projects

Over the last four weeks we have been working on our own project. Some of us chose to work in pairs or trios, others preferred to work on their own….

P4/5 Problem Solving in Maths

We worked with a partner to solve the problem! Two heads are better than one!!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Nursery had a great time looking for the eggs that the Easter bunny had left in the garden we each had a list to find 3 different eggs. Inside we…

Gymnastics with Mrs Begg

The boys and girls in Primary 1-7 have worked so hard during PE this term. They have been using lots of gymnastics equipment and are becoming so confident!

P7 and P1/2 Coding Buddies!

Primary 7 pupils have partnered up with Primary 1/2 to share their coding knowledge! They are teaching the younger pupils how to log onto our fabulous Google Chromebooks, to create…