Month: March 2019

Getting Ready for Hatching

This week we have been looking at the 4 different breeds of eggs we have. The Speckled Sussex it has lots of dots. The Silkie very fluffy and has 5 toes. The Pekin lots of feathers and you cant see their feet. The White Crested Black Polish has lots of feather on their head. On…

By Sheria Cherif 22nd March 2019 0

What have we been up to in term 3

    This Term in Nursery we have been out in all weathers!!!! We have seen snow and enjoyed sleighing, we didn’t some outdoor drama in the rain!!!!!. We had a day were we had snack outside and it was so warm we didn’t need our jackets. We have been learning all about fire fighters…

By Sheria Cherif 18th March 2019 0