Engineer’n’ Our Lives – WC 18th March 2019

Engineer’n’ Our Lives – WC 18th March 2019

12th March 2019 0 By Mrs O'Sullivan

Next week Holy Family pupils are all going to be working on a programme called Engineer’n’ Our Lives where we are going to be doing engineering and using many of the skills engineers use to do their work!

Have you heard of people called engineers? Engineers are people who solve problems. They are the people who have found ways to turn materials into everything we need to live!

Can you name some of the materials out of which things are made eg wood, concrete, wool, metal, oil…

Every pupil will be given a wristband saying: Materials + Engineers = Product which means that without engineers we wouldn’t have any products, only materials!

To help you appreciate what skills engineers use in their work, each of you are going to complete 4 challenges during the week! After each challenge, you will fill in your own log book (just like the engineers after they complete a job)

Written beside each challenge are some of the skills you will have used in order to complete the challenge. For instance engineers need to work in a team; they need to measure things; solve problems; calculate; they need to know how things work and how much things cost to make.

After you have finished all 4 challenges, you will record your memories of the week in your log book and they will be given to our special visitors who will be coming into school to help us and tell us about their work.

In class you are going to make a design AND build a model which we will show our visitors when they come back at the end of the week for our school Engineer’n’ Our Lives Celebration Event! 🙂