Celebrating Achievement

Celebrating Achievement

1st September 2020 0 By Mrs Hendry

Here is our Recognition Board from the week ending 28th August 2020:


Leona for always being ready to listen and trying her best in every activity she does. Well done Leona!

Mikolaj for being kind to his friends and always making sure to follow the class rules. Well done Mikolaj!

P 1/2

Mrs Scott would like to give a special mention to Caroline for being a fantastic friend and role model to the p1’s this week.

P 3/4 

Joshua for listening well, remembering and referring to the resilience alphabet when relevant. In doing this you have supported your classmates when they have found things challenging. Well Done!  

Oliver for adapting to the new classroom routines and working very hard despite this being his 1st week back to school. Well done!!

P 4/5   

Aagneya – Being a kind and thoughtful friend to others.   

Teo – Being helpful to his teacher and classmates and always trying his best to make others happy.

P 5/6

Elvin: For always being a kind, considerate member of our class who is always ready to learn and try his best in all of his tasks.

Jiya: for adapting so well to the new routines and trying to ensure that all members of the class stay safe. Also, for being a reflective learner who takes  an active role in every lesson when helping to create our success criteria. 

P 6/7  

A special mention must go to Patrick for his positive, ready to learn attitude and to help others. He has been an amazing example to others since beginning Primary 7. 

Also Mitchell in Primary 6 for his resilience to try and do his best in our ever changing school at the moment.