Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) + Poverty Proofing Schools

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) + Poverty Proofing Schools

At our recent parent/teacher meetings, we asked if parents/carers were aware of ACEs and Poverty Proofing Schools.

Many parents were unaware of what they are and how they affect their children and wanted more information.

We have taken on board your feedback and attach these useful websites which you can refer to for additional information:

As a school staff, we have attending training this session related to ACEs and Poverty Proofing which has resulted in increased mindfulness and awareness of children’s individual circumstances.

This session we have utilised some Pupil Equity Funding in order to make our Active Schools Clubs free and accessible for all.

More information about our Active Schools Clubs can be found by visiting this link:

Our Breakfast Club is also free to attend this session with preference given for pupils who quality under PEF criteria.

Please contact the school if you require any further information.