Author: Sheria Cherif

What’s been happening in Nursery?

  We have been practicing for sports day and all that practicing was well worth it we had a lovely day and the children had a great time and were excited to watch the older children doing their races. The next day we handed out the ribbons to the winners and everyone got one!!!!!!!! We…

By Sheria Cherif 10th June 2019 0

What’s happening in Nursery?

We have been so busy practicing and learning new skills for Sport’s Day in the garden and with Primary 3. The children made a calendar so everyone gets a turn to water the sunflowers. The children have been using the guttering to make a run down the hill to get different sized balls down from…

By Sheria Cherif 27th May 2019 0

Getting Ready for Hatching

This week we have been looking at the 4 different breeds of eggs we have. The Speckled Sussex it has lots of dots. The Silkie very fluffy and has 5 toes. The Pekin lots of feathers and you cant see their feet. The White Crested Black Polish has lots of feather on their head. On…

By Sheria Cherif 22nd March 2019 0