Author: Sheria Cherif

This Week in Nursery W/C 25/09/18

This week in nursery we took out the weeds in the garden and used the spades to dig them up. While we were digging we found lots of Ladybirds one even helped us with the spade. We made ladybird houses to keep them warm we looked for sticks, grass and straw in the garden. Then we…

By Sheria Cherif 28th September 2018 0

This Week Nursery W/C 17/09/18

This week in nursery we made the most of the rainy weather and put on the puddles suits and our welly boots to jump in muddy puddles.  We joined P1 at the library to choose new stories and listen to one too. We had repairs to do in nursery after a crash with the cars…

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This week in nursery W/C 10/09/18

This week in Nursery we were counting the legs on different animals as well as ladybirds. Our book of the week was about counting animal from one to ten. We learned all about the house points and all got one for tidying up so well. Great building was going on in the construction corner two motor…

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This week in Nursery W/C 3/09/18

This week we continued with our epic ladybird hunt finding 3 ladybirds. The ladybirds left us a present and we had to use magnifying glasses to make the writing bigger. They left us a story about their friend another ladybird. We found a Spider in the class and looked at how many legs it had compared to a ladybirds. The children made a slide using the…

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This Week in Nursery w/c 27/08/18

We found ladybirds in the garden this week! we used the magnifying glasses to see their spots. The Children found them in the flower boxes and on the bench. We played ladybird counting games and found out they have 6 legs. We made new playdough this week too as the other playdough was soooo sticky.

By Sheria Cherif 3rd September 2018 0