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We are a small and friendly nursery and have the capacity for 20 children in both morning and afternoon sessions.

A small number of spaces are available in our morning sessions and we have lots of spaces available in our afternoon sessions!

If you would like to know more about our school nursery, please call into the school office or phone 01224 316446.

Getting Ready for Hatching

This week we have been looking at the 4 different breeds of eggs we have. The Speckled Sussex it has lots of dots. The Silkie very fluffy and has 5 toes. The Pekin lots of feathers and you cant see their feet. The White Crested Black Polish has lots of feather on their head. On…

By Sheria Cherif 22nd March 2019 0

What have we been up to in term 3

    This Term in Nursery we have been out in all weathers!!!! We have seen snow and enjoyed sleighing, we didn’t some outdoor drama in the rain!!!!!. We had a day were we had snack outside and it was so warm we didn’t need our jackets. We have been learning all about fire fighters…

By Sheria Cherif 18th March 2019 0

This Week in Nursery w/c 12/11/18

This week in nursery we were getting ready for our Pudsey party we read a story about how Pudsey raises money to help children in need. Tracey joined us for snack. We went out to find puddles in the school play ground to jump in with our puddles suits. To help Pudsey raise money for children in need we…

By Sheria Cherif 15th November 2018 0

Snack Time in the Play Ground

We have being looking at the leaves on the trees and talking about why they are falling off. We had our snack in the playground under a tree that has lost all its leaves. We noticed that some trees still had lots of yellow and orange leaves to fall off. then we spied three crows peaking…

By Sheria Cherif 9th November 2018 0

Party time!

    We got ready for our Autumn party which got changed to a pumpkin party. We chose what we would like for our snack strawberries, sandwiches and cakes! we made pumpkin decorations and carved scary and silly faces onto our pumpkins. our book of the week was room in the broom about a witch then…

By Sheria Cherif 7th November 2018 0