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Getting ready for Christmas in Nursery!

The children in nursery have been sooooo excited  about Christmas. We have one of Santa’s little helpers, an elf called Ears who leaves a little card to find something he has left in the nursery. Ears the elf has left us stories, crafts even our Christmas tree!  The children check the advent calendar each day to check if a card has…

By Sheria Cherif 17th December 2018 0

This Week in Nursery W/C 25/09/18

This week in nursery we took out the weeds in the garden and used the spades to dig them up. While we were digging we found lots of Ladybirds one even helped us with the spade. We made ladybird houses to keep them warm we looked for sticks, grass and straw in the garden. Then we…

By Sheria Cherif 28th September 2018 0