Emergency Closure

Emergency Closure

In the event of the school being closed during a session, School Staff will contact parents of children.

 Emergency Closure / Adverse Weather Procedures

At the beginning of each session, parents are asked to provide or update names and addresses of emergency contacts / storm addresses so that they can be contacted quickly at times of emergency closure.   This may be due to heating or water failure or adverse weather.   If a pupil needs to be sent home for any reason, parents will be contacted in the first instance, followed by the emergency contact, if parents are not available.   If we do have advance knowledge of a school closure, parents will be notified by a newsletter.   At other times, parents can use any one of the following 3 options to acquire information.


  1. The Schools Information Line which is accessed by telephoning the number below, keying in the pin code and following the options listed (do not leave messages on this line). Keep this number handy as you may need to use this daily when the weather is bad.     Please do not leave messages on the emergency school closures line – use the school number 01224 316446.









Telephone number:  0870 054 1999


Pin code:  011420



  1. The Electronic School Closures System which is accessed via the internet.
    The address is aberdeencity.gov.uk/closure   Please follow the instructions given on the screen.
  2. Groupcall text message – a text message will be sent to your child’s priority 1 contact.

Local Radio

Radio Stations are automatically told of a school closure when the school has entered the details on the website and a list of schools that are closed or partially closed is broadcast to listeners as part of their ongoing news service.

Details for radio stations are as follows:


Northsound 1                                    FM 96.9

Northsound 2                                    MW 1035kHz

Waves Radio                          FM 101.2

BBC Radio Scotland              FM 92.4 – 94.7


If your child is not coming to school please telephone the school office, leaving a message on the answering machine if no one answers.     This will ensure that we know your child is safe at home.     Information will be left on the School’s Information Line as soon as possible but there can be difficulties updating the Council’s Website as access to a computer is required and this can be extremely difficult if stuck in a car during a white out!   The same applies to Groupcall Messenger.


The above information should be kept in a safe, easily accessible place for future reference.     I would ask that you do not telephone the main school number to enquire about school closures, please use the options above.


Please remember to update us of any changes to your home and/or emergency contact telephone numbers.