School Uniform

School Uniform


At Holy Family we strongly encourage all our pupils to wear school uniform.   It helps to promote positive attitudes towards our school and a strong sense of identity instilling a pride amongst our pupils in belonging to Holy Family.


Our school uniform consists of:

  • grey sweatshirts with embroidered school logo or grey or red cardigan
  • red polo shirts with embroidered school logo
  • plain grey or black school trousers/skirt/pinafore
  • in summer red gingham dresses can also be worn by girls.


The embroidered school sweatshirts and polo shirts can only be purchased online from ‘My Clothing’ ( and leaflets explaining the procedure are available from the school office.   Other embroidered items such as jackets and reading folders can also be bought from My Clothing.

Children should have all clothing clearly named and all pupils are asked to have a pair of gym shoes permanently at school for wearing daily. Please contact us if you require support with providing any items of clothing or footwear.



At Holy Family, we always encourage pupils to donate items of uniform that they are no longer needing. Due to this, we have several items of clothing available in various sizes.

If your child has grown out of an item of clothing, please send it to school with a note for the teacher and we will endeavor to replace the item of clothing for a bigger size – free of charge 🙂



Aberdeen City Council can make a grant towards the cost of clothing and footwear for school pupils.   The current grant is £55 for primary school pupils and £60 for secondary pupils.

You may be eligible if you are in receipt of ANY of the following:

  • Child Tax Credit where no award of Working Tax Credit has been made and your annual income as assessed by the Inland Revenue is equal to or less than £16,105
  • Both maximum Child Tax Credit and maximum Working Tax Credit where annual income as assessed by the Inland Revenue is equal to or less than £6420
  • Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Rebate (25% single adult discount does not apply)
  • Income Support/Income Based Jobseekers Allowance/Income related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)

Application forms are available from all schools, learning centres, customer access points and Marischal College Reception.