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P1/2 – Check out our selfies!

P1/2 had lots of fun using the iPads today. We learned how to take a picture of ourselves, crop it and even airdrop it to Miss Farren’s iPad! 🙂

P1/2 Fun with Forces Workshop

P1/2 had lots of fun at our fun with forces workshop at Aberdeen University. We learned about gravity, air resistance, friction, magnetism and static electricity!

Digital Learning Week

To celebrate Digital Learning Week, our upper stages classes are teaming up with the infant stages to learn about coding using Scratch! Here is a slideshow of Primary 7 pupils…

P1/2 are learning about the circus

Primary 1/2 are learning about the circus this term. We took some recycled boxes to class, painted them and created our very own circus ring! We hope you like it…

P7 and P1/2 Coding Buddies!

Primary 7 pupils have partnered up with Primary 1/2 to share their coding knowledge! They are teaching the younger pupils how to log onto our fabulous Google Chromebooks, to create…

P7 Coding

Primary 7 have been enjoying learning about coding and games based learning this term in their cooperative learning teams! Last year a few pupils attended Miss Hickey’s coding club. They…

P1/2 love games based learning!

This term we have been learning about our senses. Today we played a Kahoot quiz on the iPads all about senses! 🙂  

P1/2 love our class library!

Our P2 boys were enjoying reading in our class library this morning sitting on our fabulous, new beanbags!